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Engineering Projects

Phase Name Description
Planning Southbridge at Wedgefield Crossing

An Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Study was completed  to review the safety of the intersection for vehicles and pedestrians. A mini-roundabout was recommended from the study and approved by a majority (54%) of the community residents at a public information meeting held on August 11, 2022. Design is on hold pending approval to move forward from the County Managers Office.  


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Final Design Skidaway Road Improvement Project

This is a SPLOST project to improve the Skidaway Ferguson/Norwood Avenue intersection. This project includes an upgrade of the existing traffic signal, drainage and sidewalks on both sides of Skidaway Road. The Concept Plan for this project is attached below for review. 

Also attached is a copy of written comments received during the Public Information Open House (PIOH) comment period with responses. We thank everyone that attended the meeting and/or offered comments.

Final engineering design is underway. Right of way acquisition is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Construction to begin in 2024 after right of way acquisition is complete.

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Planning Safe Streets for All Study

The Safe Streets for All Study will identify risk factors and locations of serious traffic crashes, identify underserved communities, assess and make recommendations for improving transportation policies. Consultants will identify and prioritize projects and strategies for the safety of all road users. This study as well as a commitment to a Vision Zero Goal by the Board of Commissioners to eliminate traffic fatalities will become the basis of a Safety Action Plan for unincorporated Chatham County. The study will begin in early 2024 and take about a year to complete. Public input will be an important part of the process.


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Right of Way Acquisition Little Neck Road

This is a project to rebuild the existing two lanes on Little Neck Road between U.S. 17/Ogeechee Road and the Landfill Entrance just northwest of I-95. The reconstruction will allow for a future four lane section between U.S. 17 and I-95 to be built at a later date. The current reconstruction project will include additional lanes between U.S. 17 and Al Henderson Boulevard with a raised center median and a path on each side. The path on the southeast side of the road will continue about one and a half miles from U.S. 17. The concept plans are provided here for your review. Construction will begin after right of way acquisition is complete, most likely in early 2024.

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Construction Island's Expressway Bridge Replacement Project, P.I.#0007128

The Georgia Department of Transportation issued Notice to Proceed to Prince Contracting, LLC to begin construction on February 2, 2018. The first of the two bridges was completed and traffic was shifted to the new bridge in July, 2022. The construction of Bridge 2 is underway. The current schedule is to complete Bridge 2 in 2024.

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Construction Quacco Road Improvement Project

This project will include roadway widening and operational improvements to intersections, drainage features, and pedestrian facilities along a 2.6-mile-long segment of Quacco Road between I-95 and US 17/ Ogeechee Road.  The roadway widening will consist of two travel lanes each way with a center median and turn lanes at various locations.  Pedestrian facilities will be a large part of the improvements for this project. A 10-foot shared use path will be along the north side and a 5-foot sidewalk will be along the south side.

The project was split into two phases for constructon. Phase 1 included the improvements at the intersection of Quacco Road and U.S. 17 and on Quacco Road from U.S. 17 to Winding Way. Phase 1 improvements are complete.  Phase 2 will include the widening of Quacco Road between I-95 and Winding Way. Road widening will begin after clearing is complete and utilties have relocated.  Clearing activities are in progress and should be completed in early 2024. Power line relocation will follow. 

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Active Road Resurfacing Program

Unincorporated Chatham County has approximately 350 miles of roads to maintain.  SPLOST law was changed with the enactment of Sales Tax V that allowed for the resurfacing of existing roadways.  The State provides the County with Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG) funds each year that we use for resurfacing of roads. The LMIG program requires that for each 70 cents of State LMIG funds, the County provide 30 cents of local SPLOST funds. This total amount is then generally used to determine how much resurfacing is completed each year.  

Attached to your left you will find a list of roads included in the 2023 resurfacing contract. Construction began in January 2024. Resufacing of those roads will be completed in the summer of 2024. The roads on the list for 2024 should go out for bid in the fall of 2024 for completion in the spring of 2025. 

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Active Islands Expressway at Oatland Island Rd

This operational improvement project will shift the connection between Islands Expressway and Oatland Island Road on the north side and add turn lanes to improve the function and safety of the intersection. Please see the attached concept display that shows the proposed changes. Due to construction bids that were double the engineers estimate, the project will be rebid at a later date.

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Construction Johnny Mercer at Lyman Hall Intersection Improvements

A new traffic signal and improvements at the intersection of Johnny Mercer Boulevard and Lyman Hall Road. A Construction Contract was awarded to Moye Electric by the Board of Commissioners on June 23, 2023. Work is underway and should be complete in the spring of 2024. 

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Final Design Walthour Road Slope Stabilization & Sidewalk

A short section of concrete wall as well as revetment mats and rip rap are proposed to stabilize the shoulders of Walthour Road adjacent to Betz Creek. The improvements will also include sidewalk on the west side of Walthour Road. This project will require closure of Walthour Road for several months to complete construction. Advanced notice of the road closure will be provided with Message Boards and Media. This project was bid in June of 2023 with no bids received. The wall design is currently under revision. This project is anticipated to be ree-bid in the summer of 2024.

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Planning R. McCorkel Trail Resurfacing

This project upgraded deteriorated portions of the Robert McCorkle Trail on Wilmington Island with a new concrete surface. The concrete construction is complete. Pedistrian crossing improvements are being designed for implementation at various locations along the trail. Construction is scheduled in early 2024.

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Preliminary Engineering Johnny Mercer Blvd at Walthour Rd

A project is proposed to construct improvements at the existing intersection of Johnny Mercer Boulevard at Walthour Road to improve the safety and efficiency of the intersection. A single lane roundabout was the recommended solution from an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Study and was the preferred solution of the residents who attended or submitted comments for the Public Information Open House held in April, 2022.  Please see the attached exhibit of the proposed roundabout.

Construction plans are being developed to build a single lane roundabout that will accommodate truck traffic and provide accessibility for pedestrians and bicycles. Preliminary design is underway and expected to be complete by the end of 2023. Right of way acquisition, final design and permitting are scheduled for 2024. Construction is tenatively scheduled to begin in early 2025 and will take 12 to 18 months to complete.




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Active U.S. 80 Whitemarsh Island Sidewalk

This is a project to construct a new sidewalk/path along Highway 80 from Johnny Mercer Boulevard to Whitemarsh Village Way. It will provide connectivity from the schools and commercial area to the adjacent neighborhoods and apartment complex.  Final design, right of way acquisition and permitting are complete. Construction is scheduled in 2024.


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Preliminary Engineering I-16 at S.R. 17/ Jimmy DeLoach Parkway

Upgrades will be made to the interchange at I-16 and State Route 17 through a partnership between Chatham County and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Chatham County will sponser the preliminary engineering and GDOT will manage construction. The project will widen or replace the existing bridge over I-16 and ramps to accommodate additional traffic volumes to keep the interchange functioning at an acceptable level through 2050. Concept design and review of the alternatives is now complete. The divering diamond was determined to be the best option. Preliminary design is underway. Construction is anticipated in 2026.

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Concept Development Chevis Road Improvements

This project will improve Chevis Road between U.S. 17/Ogeechee Road and Wild Heron Road. The purpose of the project is to improve safety and connectivity for all road users to existing schools, commercial areas, bus stops and neighborhoods. This project will be partially funded with your local SPLOST dollars as well as with federal tax dollars. During the concept phase we will consider what safety, operational and pedestrian improvements will best fit the corridor. The project will also consider bicycles, drainage, lighting and water quality improvements. 

An early Stakeholder meeting was held in April attended by area organization representatives. We thank those who attended and provided valuable input. The written comments from this meeting are included in the Attachments section. This information along with the disscussions at the meeting are helpful for the ongoing planning and design.

At least one public information open house will be held during this process so that you will have an opportunity to provide input and look at what improvements we are considering. The initial studies have been taking place and Conceptual Engineering is underway. Concept layouts will be available at the public information open house and on this web site when available.  The overall schedule includes design of the selected improvements in 2024, right of way acquisition in 2025 and construction in 2026.

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Preliminary Engineering Garrard Avenue Improvements

This project will make improvements to Garrard Avenue and Lane Avenue between Chatham Parkway and Gamble Road. The project is funded with local SPLOST funds and federal funds. The purpose of the project is to improve safety and connectivity for all road users along the corridor. A Public Information Open House was held on November 3, 2022. Please see the concept layout, handout information and comment response letter on the left. The letter  addresses  public comments received from the open house. Our consultants looked at traffic, environmental features and performed survey in early 2022 and we met with local stakeholders and held the open house in the second half of 2022.  The concept report and layout were approved  by the Georgia Department of Transportation in June, 2023. Preliminary design is underway and anticipated to be complete by the end of this year. The schedule includes right of way acquisition beginning in 2024 and construction tenatively in 2025 after right of way acquisition is complete.

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Planning State Route 204 Study

The State Route 204 study will evaluate the operation and safety of State Route 204/ Abercorn Street between US 17 and King George Boulevard. It will also look at alternative access options at Ford Avenue, Pine Grove Drive and Don Zipperer Road. The study will include public involvement with stakeholder and public meetings. Since the completion of the King George Interchange, the traffic signal at Pine Grove Drive is the new bottleneck point, with a crash frequency well above state average. Due to the high crash frequency, the Department of Transportation is considering closing the median crossing and eliminating the traffic signal. This would improve the operation and safety on State Route 204 but will likely add 10 to 20 minutes of travel time for residents in the communities off Pine Grove Drive and Don Zipperer Road. The goal of the study is to find short and long term solutions for this location. A contract for this study was approved by the Board of Commissioners at the September 8, 2023 meeting. The study will begin in January of 2024 and should take about a year to complete. 

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Planning SR 25 Corridor Study

This study will evaluate the existing and future capacity, operation and safety of U.S. 17/ State Route 25/ Ogeechee Road between the Ogeechee River (County line) and I-516. The goal of the study is to identify and prioritize short-term and long-term improvements. The study will begin soon and take approximately 18 months to complete. Input from the public is welcome and various opportunities for comment will be part of the study.

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Planning President Street Railroad Crossing Elimination Study

This study will look at possible alternatives for the existing at-grade railroad crossing on President Street at the Truman Parkway Interchange. The goal of the study will be to identify short-term and long-term solutions to relieve traffic back-ups at the railroad crossing. The study should begin soon and will take about a year to complete. Opportunites for public input will be included in the study.

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