Be a Resident in the KNOW!

KNOW what goes down a storm drain: ONLY RAIN DOWN THE DRAIN!

KNOW who to call if you see someone putting debris or liquids down a storm drain: Discharge of anything other than clean rainwater into storm drains is illegal because it presents a serious threat to fish, wildlife, drinking water and marine life. The County investigates and enforces legal prohibitions against illegal dumping to the storm drainage system. To report illegal discharges or accidental releases to a storm drain, drainage ditch or culvert in Chatham County, Write down the address, or location, then call Chatham Count Public Works at (912) 652-6840.

KNOW who to contact to report a clogged or broken storm drain: Contact Chatham County Public Works at (912) 652- 6840 or use the Chatham County CONNECT app available for Android and iOS 

KNOW what can be recycled in Chatham County: Check out the Chatham County Recycles webpage for more information

KNOW what to do with paints, cleaners, unwanted medicines, oil, batteries, fertilizers, and pesticides: These items are considered to be “HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTES” or HHW meaning that these products are labeled toxic, poisonous, corrosive, flammable, or combustible. Before placing these items in the trash bin, try using simple practices and common products like baking soda, vinegar, lemons, salt, and olive oil to deactivate or stabilize the HHW. For instance:

  • For paints, DO NOT PLACE LIQUID PAINT IN THE GARBAGE CAN!! Instead- add dry kitty litter or saw dust to oil-based paints to solidify them, then keep the lid off and place the entire container in the trash can. If you are disposing of latex-based paints, simply leave lid off to dry as this type of paint is not considered HHW.
  • For unwanted medications, mix out-dated or no longer needed pills with coffee grounds and place the entire mixture into the garbage. Please DO NOT FLUSH or DISSOLVE any unwanted medication down the drain as this allows for chemicals to enter the water system.
  • For unwanted pesticides and herbicides, simply triple wrap these chemicals in plastic bags before putting them in the garbage.
  • For further information on a particular HHW, check out:
  • For further information on Stormwater Education Resources, click here!