Stormwater is a common term referring to rains that fall and flow over the ground during a storm. Stormwater flows directly off the roads, lawns, pavement, parks, and sidewalks draining directly into nearby waterways like lakes, tidal creeks, marshes, and the ocean. Stormwater should be clean. Stormwater should ONLY be the rain water that has fallen from above; however, that isn’t the case.

What is stormwater pollution? Stormwater flows over many surfaces, collecting and carrying natural and manmade pollutants like pet waste and plastic bottles into nearby waterways. These pollutants, or stormwater pollution, cause harm to water quality, wildlife, humans, and the natural coastal beauty.

    Some common stormwater pollutants are:
  • Oil and grease from automotive leaks and spills;
  • Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers from lawns, gardens, or businesses;
  • Sediment and soil erosion from construction or residential activities; and
  • Bacteria from animal waste or problems with sanitary sewers and septic tank systems.


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