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Rules, Regulations, and Best Management Practices (BMPs) address ways in which water quality can be protected or minimally impacted. The following documents provide rules, regulations, or BMPs for specific activities that have potential to impact water quality:

Site Maintenance and Good Housekeeping

  • Keep outdoor processing and storage areas clean by performing regular maintenance and sweeping. Do not hose down areas to the storm drain. Do not hose down areas to the storm drain.
  • Contain and store materials in a way that if a spill occurs, it will not enter the storm drain system. Use secondary containment such as drip pans and/or absorbent materials.
  • Keep materials, equipment, trash cans, and potential contaminants covered to reduce the chance of pollutants entering the storm drain system.
  • Store and maintain appropriate spill cleanup materials in a location known to all employees, and near storage and other areas where a spill may occur.

Vehicle and Equipment Use and Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect vehicles and equipment for leaks, and repair immediately.
  • Perform all vehicle fluid removal and changing indoors or in a covered area to prevent contact with rainwater.
  • Check incoming equipment (including leased equipment and employee vehicles) for leaking fluids. Do not allow leaking vehicles or equipment onsite.
  • Always use secondary containment to catch spills when removing or changing fluids.
  • Immediately drain all fluids from wrecked vehicles.
  • Store wrecked or damaged equipment under cover to avoid contact with stormwater.
  • Use absorbent materials for spill cleanup, and promptly and properly dispose of materials.
  • Promptly transfer used fluids to the proper waste or recycling drums. Do not leave full drip pans or other open containers lying around site.
  • Disposing of oil filters in trashcans or dumpsters causes leaks and contamination. Store used oil filters in a closed container; recycle filters as soon as possible.
  • Store used batteries in a secondary container; recycle batteries as soon as possible.

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